Our Night Out

Our Victorian night out turned out to be a very fun night. We started out by having a couple of drinks at Charlie’s Pub, which is connected to The Water Street Inn. It’s an Irish Pub that serves drinks that taste like water. After spending too much money on watered-down drinks, we headed into the restaurant where Charles kindly seated us. Nate & I sat down in our chairs and then we looked over at Jim and there he was sitting in his chair but the table was level to his neck. He looked like a little kid sitting at a grown-up table. It made us laugh out loud. So Charles grabbed another chair, Jim sat down and the same thing happened. It was a riot. We tried the third chair and that was better, but still not perfect but Jim settled for that one.

We orded dinner after that and it was spectacular food and we would highly recommend this restaurant. Jim kept trying to get the recipe for his dinner, but wasn’t successful. It was a long drive to Stillwater, but worth it.



  1. Hey, any opportunity to dine in a charming victorian setting… The food was fab, to be sure. The wallpaper? Not so much.

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