Monday Evening

I just finished eating one of my favorite homemade pizza’s, a thin crust proscuitto and asparagus pizza.  Nate makes the best pizza’s in the world, and I do mean in the world.  I keep telling him that he could easily open a pizzaria with his homemade gourmet pizza recipes that he’s developed.  They’re so fabulous and he always gets rave reviews from all of our friends and family.  I hope you get a chance to taste one of his many creations sometime.  And did I mention, a glass of Shiraz is the perfect compliment to this dish.


  1. Okay, so you’re giving me the go sign to build that all brick, wood fired pizza oven in the back yard? Mmm, could be good. I’m just glad you enjoy!

  2. I can attest that Nate’s pizza definitely ranks up there with the best in the world (had I traveled the world, this would be even more of a legit statement)! I look forward to it (and the wine – hee hee) every time I visit you guys! Cheers!

  3. sister2u, you would have liked this one. We left the prosciutto a little larger, to give more of a burst of flavor. Plus, there were pockets of olive oil and kosher salt, and when you got into them you felt like the whole thing was melting in your mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. No Duxoup this time, though. We went with old reliable, the Rosemount Estates Shiraz. It’s never failed us yet. Yum….

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