Another cloudy day

I’m really getting tired of these cloudy November days.  I was all gung-ho about getting out today and doing some shopping, getting Kelly’s hair cut and maybe even cleaning off the deck.  All of that changed when Kelly came down with a stomach-ache in Walgreens and we had to head back home.  Now I’ve lost all motivation to do anything and I’m stuck indoors once again.

 We loved our movie, Surf’s Up, last night.  I would definately recommend this and if you do watch it, be sure to watch the special feature of the Chubb Chubbs.  It’s pretty funny.



  1. I rented this over Thanksgiving and laughed pretty much the whole way through. You have to catch all the little jokes in and around the main scene. Loved when the ‘elder’ penguins were standing around and BS’ing whan one just falls through the ice. I don’t even know if the other two noticed. Good stuff.

    Guess who?

  2. I’m so glad I know my family’s sense of humor and can recommend movies that spans our ages. 😉

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