Football Sunday

Yay, the Vikings won today.  That’s a big deal around here because they really stink this year so we’ll take anything we can get.  Nate’s put a positive spin on the Vikings by realizing if they keep losing, they’ll fire our coach and hopefully we’ll have a better season next year.  Good thinking hon! 

Nate is out and about hunting for our Thanskgiving turkey as I write.  Well, he’s at Byerlys “hunting” for it.  Looks like we’ll need about a 12 to 13 pounder this year.  I can’t wait to smell the aromas in our kitchen.


One comment

  1. And the hunt for the wily suburban turkey was successful! Bagged a 15 pounder this year – well, the kid at Byerlys bagged it. (Plastic will be fine, thanks.) Time to light the tribal fires, and roast meat for the hungry savages, in this case Jim and Terry and Brad.

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