Weekend News

We got our christmas tree up yesterday.  We needed to set it up downstairs this year and it still looks beautiful.  The girls put a couple of gifts under it today that they bought at the church shopping spree.  Can’t wait to open them!

We survived our snow yesterday.  I think we got about 5 inches, which wasn’t too bad.  It sure looks and feels more like Christmas time around here with all the white outside. 



  1. I really like your new blog header and wallpaper! Is one of the presents under the tree for me? After all, Nate has my name…and I don’t want a piece of wall from your kitchen. That’s equivalent to a lump of coal and I’ve been a good girl!

  2. Hmmmm…why would we put a present for you under our tree? You have a tree of your own to put presents under. Be patient, it’ll arrive soon.

  3. A piece of our wall is more like a gift than a lump of coal! The gourmet meals (and well-intentioned spectacular disasters) we’ve created through the years have no doubt imparted a aura to those walls. That’s it, no wall for you! You’ll have to get your piece of the wall off eBay, like everybody else!

  4. Peg, you stole my response about one of the presents being for ‘me’. And I want to know why ‘wildminnesota’ speaks to his wife via a blog??? What’s up with that?

    Best line during halftime of last Monday’s football game between the Ravens and the Patriots by Chris Berman: “Patriots having their best year since 1776 when they put up 50 against the British”

  5. Jimbobwe, I’d think you’d know by now: This is the age of Web 2.0. If it doesn’t happen in a blog, it doesn’t happen. Of course, I’m talking to my wife through her blog, that’s how I keep it real. Duh! (And I like the line about the Pats. Good stuff.)

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