Megan’s Birthday

Megan is officially 10!  Last night she had her girlfriend birthday party at the ice arena.  We had12 girls skating around and having a good time.  After skating, she opened her gifts and we had cake.  Doing birthday parties has become less stressful as a parent.  These girls could do everything themselves, right down to putting on their own skates.  Nate & I enjoyed skating around the rink hand in hand….okay, we just skated, but it was nice to have some time alone as well.


  1. So, apparently I am computer challenged, huh? Well, here I am! I don’t know how to get a picture… YET.
    I am glad Megs had a great party! I am now an official blog-responder.

  2. Okay, supposedly I am suppose to have a Snoopy Avatar. It hasn’t shown up yet, but I wil keep trying.

  3. Ter, your avatar IS showing up. I believe the FAQs say that it takes about 24 hours for your avatar to show up. Now if our brother could just figure out how to do it, we wouldn’t have the faceless one anymore…lol
    Oh yeah – ice skating as something FUN to do on your birthday? I say BRRRR!!!!!!!

    The sister who used to figure skate…

  4. Several thoughts: First, I want to know about all of “These girls could do everything themselves, right down to putting on their own skates.” From my memory, I distinctly recall lacing up skates for two daughters, two daughters’ friends and one wife. I was happy to do it, but we’re not out of the woods just yet. Secondly, what is it about living anywhere south of Missouri that completely removes the human ability to function in anything less than sweatshirt weather? Sorry Sis, but I continue to believe that life in Arizona and Florida makes a person weak!

  5. I have to try and find an avatar from home where I have some pictures on my computer. I haven’t been on at home for a while since I check e-mails from work. I tried a clipart from work and it didn’t work. I don’t deserve to be unmasked yet.

  6. Okay, now that it took me 45 minutes to convince myself to get out from under the covers this morning, I’m ready to say, “Bring on the heat.” sister2U may have the right idea after all!

  7. It’s kind of wierd, but I can only see ‘Snoopy’ when I am logged in. Otherwise, Terry, you are still faceless. Anyone else see it that way?

  8. I’ve got Cobber and June and Plankton, but beyond that it’s ghosts for me too, whether I’m logged in or not. Strange.

  9. And now (six hours later) I see the Snoop Dogg for purplegirl8. Nice! Boy, WordPress is great, but it takes it’s own sweet time updating and populating these graphics. Now if only we could help jimbobwe…

  10. I think the cold weather has frozen all of your brains…I can see Snoopy with Woodstock, June Cleaver, Spongebob Plankton AND Cobber. Faceless one, you are still faceless to me. But then again, I’m always logged in; otherwise you can’t add these sassy replies.

    And yes, wildminnesota, sunshine and 65 is quite nice this time of the year…just remember that you don’t have to shovel sunshine!

  11. I’m here listening. I just don’t have access to a computer all day. I, June, have to work hard with no breaks, unlike some people who even get Veterans Day off.

  12. If it wasn’t for the vets your ‘June’ picture would probably be Helga or a Vodka bottle. Do you want that huh?, HUH? I didn’t think so. We owe it to the vets not to work.

    Sincerely, Bolshavek Bob

  13. ten was soooooooo last year a go! ( This is the real megan and if your wondering how I got on here I used your photo thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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