Tile News

Today we had our tile floors installed.  They’re not finished yet, so when we got home, we found a note on our door telling us to use the back patio door.  Nice, we had to walk around the side of the house and through the backyard with no path shoveled.   Megan was very nice and went out and shoveled a path through the grass, so that her dad wouldn’t have to walk in the snow.

We can’t see the tile or the hardwood floors just yet because they are covered up with cardboard to protect them from all the traffic that keeps coming through our doors.  Tomorrow they are painting the walls, putting the ‘pulls’ on the cabinets and finishing up the tile.  After that, we should see the “unveiling” of the floors.



  1. Good call on the grout. I asked him about that and he told me he would recommend that we do that. I guess we’ll do another Home Depot run. Apparently you just spray it all over the grout? I think he was a little curious as to how I knew about grout. ha-ha

    I see you loud in clear, Ginger!

  2. I would look for a penetrating type sealant. Try this website:

    You can google grout sealant and do some investigative work as well That’s what I always do. You don’t necessarily have to seal your backsplash tile unless grease becomes a problem. I’m always concerned about foot traffic areas.

  3. Welcome Ginger! The faceless one is faceless no more! ha ha. The grout in my house is discolored, but that’s really no suprise seeing as everything in this place seems shoddy and put together by cutting corners. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new floors and pulls Cath!!

  4. So, Jim had to copy me- I have a dog avatar, Jim has a dog Avatar. Does anyone else think this is weird?
    It’s nice to see your avatar Jim! Send pics soon Cath- it’s coming together.

  5. Helllooo, real dog, imaginary dog. Do I really need to point out tyhe difference? I’ll see you and your imaginary dog on Christmas since there will be no real dogs allowed.

    BTW (ha, I’m texting now. Is that leagal in a blog to mix two different means of communication?) what is the time frame for Tuesday?

  6. I am not sure yet about the time- I will let you know. I haven’t even figured out the meal- yikes! Paula is now making ham on Christmas Eve, so we are going to have to pull a switch. Brad said he will take care of the meat. I will do side dishes. I will get back to you soon. Brad is gone for the day and I won’t see him until tomorrow.

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