Happy New Year!

I’m going to start out by quoting my husband from last night, “Yay, we made it another year!”   I hope everyone had a fun night and I’m sure most of us watched the ball drop from Time Square.  We actually watched it at midnight (Minnesota time), so that was fun.  We also got to see Dick Clark on tv….yikes!!  It may be time for him to retire and watch from home.

The girls and I got up and watched the Tournament of Roses Parade, which is my favorite parade.  I’m amazed every year and how beautiful these floats are and all the technology that goes into them.  Incredible!  I hope to someday see this parade “in person.”   Of course, this is also the biggest football day of the year, so Nate is camped out on the couch already watching the Badgers play Tennessee.  A lazy day for all.    Enjoy~



  1. We all said the same thing about Dick Clark! Although he’s doing well speaking after a stroke, I don’t think he needs to do it on t.v. We made it to midnight too, but now have to deal with going back to work/school tomorrow- yuck! I spent the whole day taking down the Christmas decorations and tree. The house looks back to normal again, but a little bleak. I have made many resolutions for this year and most of them include getting things organized. I really want to learn more about how to do more things on the computer. I want a scanner, printer, copier for my birthday. I hope to learn how to do our own Christmas cards for next year. I also want to do sticker address labels. I felt so disorganized this last Christmas, so I am going to get a head start on it beginning with Christmas cards. Nate and Peg- be ready for questions from me. I did organize my Christmas decorations today- threw out some that I don’t like anymore and put everything into rubber tubs. Tomorrow after kitchen work, I will be reorganizing under the stairs and the laundry room. Okay, bedtime- good night siblings!

  2. I don’t mind helping you with your new year’s resolution Ter, but before you ask Nate or I for help with any software application, please use the HELP section within the application. Every application has one and they’re usually pretty easy to understand and you can solve your own problems and answer your own questions!

    Let’s all be great in 2008! 🙂

  3. Don’t listen to her Terry. Software manuals are poorly written and very confusing. You definitely don’t want to waste your valuable time reading them. I’m a manager type now, so I don’t know much about computers anymore. However, if you have any other relatives, a sister or someone like that, who work with computers, especially in the desert southwest which is well known by everyone as a hotbed of computer knowledge, you should definitely call them directly for any and all questions you might have. Chances are they’re secretly pleased to help, and even if they say differently they usually are happy to “show off” by spending an hour or two each evening guiding you through all that confusing computer lingo. You may even have a question right now. Call them and ask! Stop reading and call!

  4. So, Manager-type brother-in-law, you get to order people around now? Cool! Thanks for the info, I’ll give Peg a call RIGHT away and every night until I get my problems resolved.

  5. I’m proud of you, purplegirl8. You’re doing the right thing. And remember, her time is valuable, so don’t waste it by stopping to write down a bunch of silly instructions. This is the modern age, and it’s much faster to just call and ask the same question again. Computer people pretend they don’t like that, but in reality they brag to each other that they’re the “one stop shop” for information. You’ll be doing her a favor.

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