Weekend News

We have finally finished getting everything back into the house and it was so wonderful to sit at our table for dinner tonight.  I made a beef stew for dinner to kick off our the new kitchen.  It tasted the same as it would have in the old kitchen, but it sure was fun making it!

I’m looking forward to doing nothing but relaxing next weekend.  Have a good week!



  1. Not just any beef stew, this simmered on the stove for a couple of hours soaking up the wonderful spanish wine that was added to the meat and vegetables. Of course, I made sure there was enough wine for Nate & I to enjoy with our fancy, beef stew. So there!

  2. Wow! I’d take the beef stew anytime. I hate cooking- now baking is different… After these weeks off, I am sick of making food for the family. I know, I know, welcome to the real world, but hey! It’s 10 pm and I am just getting home from job #2.

  3. Just dropping in since I haven’t contributed lately. I still have nothing to say so i am leaving now.

    Stew Rules!

  4. Stewart Copeland of The Police? Rod Stewart? I hate The Police music- worse band of all time!

  5. Hey, I recall listening to folk music for an entire day at your house. Are you so sure The Police are the worst?

  6. I have to add…wasn’t Brad trying to get a folk station in up at the trailer? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m not a fan of the police either, sorry Plankton.

  7. The Police have their place in the world, as does stew. I have nothing against stew (and have an awesome low-fat stew recipe for the crock pot purplegirl8 in case you want to make something new and easy for your family). But, my recipe doesn’t have wine as an ingredient, but I highly recommend drinking it with the stew anyway. And with any dinner… 🙂

  8. Were YOU invited over for the wine stew inaugural dinner jimbobwe?! Do YOU have a good recipe for stew w/wine as an ingredient? If so, do share…

  9. I simply add wine to any stew recipe. Doesn’t need to be written in the recipe… it’s a given. Anything in a crock pot also gets wine before I leave for work.

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