Valentines Day

You guys didn’t wait until I posted a Valentine title to start talking about it!  Okay, I spent my entire day with lots of children very excited that it’s Valentines Day, meanwhile supplying them with sugar cookies, candy hearts, frosting, suckers, and chocolate.  I also had to watch parts of E.T., Beauty and The Beast and A Charlie Brown Valentines.  Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a quiet evening.  I wish I had the energy left to make a “red meal” like Purple Girl, but the Solberg girls are maybe going to get a pizza with red sauce on it.  Close enough.  Maybe I will be creative with the pizza cutter and cut it into a heart shape.  Stewie, did you give Ginger some heart-shaped dog food?  That would be nice and much appreciated.



  1. I’m thinking of starting my own blog- Otherwise I will need therapy soon. Somedays I just need grown-ups to talk to. That’s why I started talking about Valentines Day on your blog and your husband called my boys (HIS nephews) gay. I will have to bring that up to my therapist. Time for Survivor.

  2. I didn’t say gay. I meant unafraid to try new things, and defy gender stereotypes. Boy, you bring up Brian Boitano and people totally misunderstand. There’s a huge difference.

  3. I had pizza for lunch today. Guess that’ll have to count as my red meal. I had to buy myself some chocolate truffles and wallow in my singleness. But since we’re not even really talking about V-Day here, I will just say that Brian Boitano rules. Have you seen Blades of Glory? I think it was made in Brian’s honor. lol!

  4. Don’t force any sports on your kids. It’ll just make them resent you. Let their own gayness, er, I mean creativity, unfold. LOL!

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