The President

Happy Presidents Day!  Today the girls and I enjoyed our day off by going to the movies.  Both Megan & Kelly brought a friend along and we saw, “Enchanted.”  It’s a cute movie with some good old fashion laughing to go along with it.  After that, we came home and Kelly’s friend stayed over to play while Megan went over to Andra’s.  This allowed me to finish my book, “The Hobbit.”  It was an exciting adventure story which I really enjoyed.  Now I can say I’ve read a Classic!



  1. Now you’re back in tune with this Blog thingy. Very heartwarming background considering this cold winter we have had.

    Speaking of movies, you should rent ‘Game Plan’ with the “Rock” from Disney. It’s good for the whole family and is pretty humorous. It also has football in it so guys will enjoy it too.

  2. That is bizarre! We just rented that movie on Saturday. We haven’t watched it yet, because we watched E.T. first. Megan has seen it twice and says it’s very funny.

  3. I rented it on Sunday and watched it Monday morning on my day off. It was a two day rental, are you late on returning it???

  4. We saw “The Game Plan” and “Enchanted”- loved them both- except Daniel who is getting too old for Enchanted. He copped an attitude and said he didn’t like it, yet watched DISNEY’S Game Plan and liked it a lot.
    I mught take them to see Spiderwick Chronicles.
    Too damn cold out today!

  5. When we rent a movie, it usually takes us a week or so to watch it, so we keep it as long as it takes and just ignore the phone calls from Blockbuster.

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