Hockey Minnesota

Yesterday I played a game of floor hockey.  It was the teacher’s vs the sixth graders.  We played two, 10 minute periods and that didn’t sound like much, but we teachers sure were huffing and puffing after those ten minutes.  Luckily we had subs to go in for us, especially if you were playing offense.  Anyway, we teachers prevailed with a 5-0 win over those “in-shape” sixth graders.  It was a lot of fun and a refreshing way to start out your morning.



  1. And rumor has it June scored a goal for the teachers. She declined to confirm whether or not she circled the hapless goalie afterward and shouted “In your face!” She gets pretty competitive, though, so I can only imagine.

  2. Poor kids. I remember playing badmitton and tennis with June. She was fierce and could only seem to spike the birdie or ball at you. I still have nightmares about it…(shiver)

  3. It’s true. I did score a goal and I may have raised my arms high and did a little dance, but nothing too fancy. My only regret was that they didn’t blow the horn after the goal. Now that would’ve been cool.

    Sorry for those nightmares Purple Girl. But being four years younger and not liking sports, you were doomed baby! Those are situations that June just can’t resist. I probably made it up to you by making you a Easy Bake Cake afterward.

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