As I said in my last blog, I was hoping to see a tulip or two….well I actually got to see a dozen yellow ones today.  My wonderful, thoughtful husband had been reading my blog last night and stopped at the store on his way home and surprised me with them.  They’re so beautiful and they make our kitchen smell “springy.”  There’s something refreshing about fresh flowers.



  1. Awww… Nate! Good job on the romance thing. Everyone needs fresh flowers every once in awhile- especially spring when it keeps snowing!

  2. Stewie has landed, I repeat, Stewie has landed. My positive vibe is already resinating here in AZ as Peggy received a call from the cops this morning telling her they found her car.

    Ok, so it’s stripped clean, but hey, it moves along the insurance check! It was about 4 miles away from here. Stewies going out to the ‘hood’ to kick some ass… right after I finish my latte and bagel. Boy am I mad!

    Getting ready to go out and see the Angels vs Giants in Tempe then meeting up wiyh all other Sailers and Yzermans for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Stewie out.

  3. Even I was hoping to see flowers picture in your blog but anyway your blog is nice. Expecting some flower pics in your upcoming post. I love flowers.

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