Birthday Boy

Welcome Newcomer” to my blog! (Do you have a beer bottle in your hand?)   I happen to know someone who is having a birthday today.  He took the day off of work and had to make his own birthday cake and do some grocery shopping too!  He’s probably looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.  Apparently he hasn’t aged this past year because both Megan & Kelly wished him a happy 43rd birthday on his 44th.   We’re taking him out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and for dessert, his favorite cake….Black Forrest.  I did have time to decorate the cake for him. 



  1. Beer bottle?? What beerbottle?! You must be thinking of someone else! 43-44-45..what’s that to a young kid. Maybe they don’t want their dad to be so old! And to have to take a day off and make your own cake?? Doesn’t sound too hospitable. Maybe that’s why they don’t even want a street sign to mark their exit!! It’s starting to make sense..

  2. Hmm, newcomer1 sounds a little grumpy, kind of like Stewie only without the British accent. We don’t need street signs: our place just appears to the right kind of people, much like Brigadoon. If you got there, you’re the right kind of people. If you didn’t, well, we’ll let others do the math…

  3. Speaking of Stewie, we’re going to be at the game tonight so I’m going to insist that we speak in character the entire time. I want to see how long it’ll be before the others in section 221 try to forcibly evict us. Avalanche, bow down under our dominion!

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