The Green, Green, Grass of Home!

Yay, I woke up today to a sunny day and our grass is turning green.  I still need to wear a jacket, but I’m hanging on to that vision of tulips in my front yard….someday.

The girls finished their last performance last night and they both did a wonderful job (no falls) and we loved seeing them smiling and having a good time.  Makes it all worth while. 



  1. And now, just three days later, we’re looking at temps in the 60’s! It’s late in arriving, to be sure, but it definitely feels good. It’s good to put away those ice skates and turn our attention to that big fat rabbit eyeing our tulip bulbs!

  2. 60’s? 60’s?? You must be referring to the 1860’s. It’s 40’s in our neighborhood. and be nice to that rabbit. Our neighbors have been trapping everything to keep them out of their garden, so we don’t have many little critters around..Boo on the weather, and Boo on the neighbors!

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