Choir Concert

Tonight we had a fun event at the girls’ school called The Art & Learning Palooza.  Formally called, The Ice Cream Social, but that sounds more like a Nursing Home Event rather than an Elementary school so they had to “jazz-it-up” a bit.  This is a fun night where the kids get to show off some of their art projects/school projects that they have been working on for some time.  Megan’s grade made ‘state floats’ in which each student chose a state, did research, made an informational poster, and then designed a float to represent their state.  Megan chose the beautiful state of Colorado.  She made the Rocky Mountains out of sugar cones and had cotton on top for the snow.  Pretty cool.

Kelly’s grade made clay animals.  She chose the Prairie Dog.  The Minnesota Zoo has Prairie Dogs and they are the cutest little things that are always ‘popping’ out of their holes and eating as fast as they can.  They always seem to be on the lookout for enemies. 

Megan also sang in the Hidden Valley Choir.  We were so surprised at how well these kids sounded.  The group is made up of fourth, fifth and sixth graders.  They were very impressive.  Nice job Megs!  Well that’s the update for this week in school. 



  1. Colorado?! What does she know about CO? What about Arizona?! We have snow-capped mountains too! And cacti! I’m very disappointed that Megs didn’t pay homage to her G’ma, G’pa and favorite Aunt’s state. I would’ve even sent her a real scorpion to add to her float. How cool would that have been?! lol.

    And about your previous posting about 60+ degrees…I hear it’s rainy and in the 40’s right now and you have another chance of SNOW. So let me tell you that it’s sunny and 82 here! ;-p

  2. Correction – I see you didn’t post 60+ degrees. I think I saw that on the news. But I was referring to your sunny day and green, green grass…that may be covered with the white stuff shortly. ha ha.

  3. Wow..Megs sings in the choir as well as doing art work,
    Kelly’s into sculpture. Where do these kids get all the talent??? Must be ‘out of state’….

  4. Must be out of state? I beg to differ, Shadow Person! I’ve been providing in-state inspiration for 15 years now! (The actual quality of inspiration is debateable, but that’s an issue for another day…)

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