Tonight is Megan & Kelly’s spring piano recital.  Somehow I got talked into doing a duet with Kelly.  It’s a simple one, but there’s always that chance I’ll mess up.  I get very nervous and have never liked playing in front of people.  I’m sure it’ll be fine if I just remember to breathe!



  1. Oh, Oh..The pressure is on! Just remember that C is to the left of a set of two black keys and you’ll be fine. Kelly will cover for you! Good luck and break a leg. ( Not at school!)

  2. So, how did the recital go???? Did Kelly carry the night??? ( Did her partner faint??) As the song from Grease goes..”Tell me more, tell me more. Did she..”

  3. The recital went beautifully and we hit all the right notes at the right time. Whew!! The girls earned a couple of awards that night as well for their performances throughout the year.

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