Flower Power

Today we headed over to Sailer Greenhouses and bought round one of our summer flowers.  Today was mostly for Megan & Kelly.  They picked out flowers for their gardens and I got two pots of geraniums and one hanging pot for the front door.  Nate did all the hard work.  He dug out a new garden for Kelly, which is actually an extension off of Megan’s garden.  Megan wasn’t too keen on this idea because she’s had that corner garden for the past few years and has claimed that real estate her own.  After it was all planted, the colors are beautiful and hopefully it will continue to bloom all summer long.



  1. Ah, but it’s good to have at least one attractive corner of the yard! As always, the girls made great choices for their flowers, and it’s going to be a fabulous garden. And Stewie, Megan chose a new style of landscape grass for that corner, so you won’t have to live with her showing you up for another summer with her red feather grass. That had to be embarrassing.

  2. Good luck Stewie. Unfortunately, I have our mother’s black thumb. I’ve even killed a cactus (yes, it really can be done!). I now have fake flowers in my huge pot on the patio and I’m happy to report that they’re always in bloom and change colors with the seasons (or when the landscapers blow away the fading petals and leaves). Good luck to Kelly and Megs!

  3. Stewie is shown up by no one. Curse that stunted malignant abomination I planted last year. But alas, I have all my gardens in for this year. It’s now, water, weed, watch, water, weed, watch.

    I’ve even used some of my sweet basil. Sweet, sweet basil, aggghhh (insert drooling).

  4. LOL! When Stewie begins channeling Homer I’d say we’ve seen it all!

    Stewie, you’ve got a great garden, probably just not the right spot for red feather grass. The girls have some really nice flowers planted, but we’re always on the lookout for the bastard rabbits that live next door, so I put more Liquid Fence in the sprayer and doused them with that unholy stench. Yikes! But we should be safe for a week.

  5. Stewie actually made a Simpson’s reference the other day. Stewie (in love with his babaysitter) found out she had a boyfriend. Stewie goes on this big rant for about five minutes calling out every white trash reference you can name.

    He finally says something about… why don’t you just go back home and look through your Simpson tapes. And yes, yes, we all love Mister Plow and the song…

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