Memorial Day

It wasn’t quite the warmest day of the weekend…okay, it was cold yesterday.  So I decided to make it a scrap-booking day.  I spent nine hours on my scrapbook pages!  It felt good to get back into it and finish my old book that I’ve been working on since October.  I’m now just about done with my newest book as well, thanks to my Memorial Day workings.  The girls were confused as to why I was putting in birthday pictures from two years ago.  I guess I better work a little faster this summer!



  1. Happy almost June 1st- brrrr… We got a new grill on Saturday and on Memorial Day I was determined to use it! I had to wear a warm coat, but the burgers were great! I caught snowflakes on my tongue while I waited for the dinner to get done- j/k!

  2. Mmmm…new grill… Are you just teasing us purplegirl? The handle broke off our grill during our ceaseless winter, and now I’m opening it with a grip wrench to check how the cooking is going. I’m totally jealous. Is it one of those shiny, pretty machines with a motor so that you can roast an entire pig on the off-chance that you’ll be asked to feed the neighbors on a early summer evening? Mmmmm…I’m just imagining it all now. Way to go!

  3. Sorry! Have you forgotten that we are trailer trash??? Nothing too fancy for us. It’s just a run-of-the-mill grill. I am just thrilled I don’t have to light a piece of paper, drop it in and run 20 feet away before it goes FFFFWWWWUUUMMP! Now I just push a button- isn’t modern technology great??? p.s. Pig??? Don’t ya’ll mean possum?

  4. What movie are you quoting Purple Girl? I can’t figure it out and it’s bugging me. Is it Over the Hedge or Barnyard??

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