We’re starting to get ready for our Fourth of July holiday around here.  I’ve put out the flag, watered the grass (not sure why), we’ll be getting groceries tonight and the girls & I got our hair done.  We’re hitting the golf-course (pun intended) around noon tomorrow and then coming home for some BBQ ribs & chicken on the grill.  After our tummies are full, we’re going to go watch the fireworks over in AppleValley.  That’s a full Fourth of July and the weather is suppose to be a gorgeous 85 and sunny.  Can’t beat that! 

Happy Fourth to everyone!


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  1. Yes, Happy Fourth of July to everyone! It’s a little warmer down here (94 currently;105 for a high) but the sun is shining and it’s Friday and I’m not at work so I’m quite happy! The ‘rents are coming over tomorrow for our 4th celebration so today is cleaning and prep work day for me. There will also be some relaxing time included! Cheers!

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