I was working in the yard today, okay I was watering my plants, but anyway….I had to pull one of our bins out from under the stairs and I found a big surprise waiting for me.  There was a big bee-hive under this bin and they built the hive under-ground!  I have never seen this before so I got really scared and threw the bin back on top and put a watering can in front of that.  I really had no reason for this, except that I was scared.  I disturbed the hive, and as in the movies, we all know what happens next.  Bees surrounding me and I’d be covered and screaming for help.  So I waited for my brave husband to come home from work and take care of the situation.  He got out the wasp spray and killed them dead!  My hero once again.


  1. I revel in the modern era of lowered expectations. But yes, that was one freaky nest of bees. No wonder Jazzy liked to hang out right there. If only she could point birds like she points bees.

  2. Wow! If only Plankton was as brave when June and I were on the deck being attacked by bees! He just laughed at us. We could’ve been covered and stung, left for dead!

  3. Gee, I forgot about that. Kinda makes me seem a little callous, doesn’t it? Oh well, wonder if the Twins are on.

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