Trash or Treasure?

Kelly & I spent five hours today cleaning her room.   I couldn’t believe how much stuff we found laying around and smashed into every nook and cranny.  By the time we finished, we had filled an entire trash bag of “garbage” and five grocery bags of donations.  The rest of her “treasures” got to stay.   It was hard for her to part with a few stuffed animals, but she managed to get them into the bag and I quickly hauled them off to our local thrift store before she could change her mind.  Her room looks fabulous, clean and livable once again.  She’s very happy with the results, as am I.  But, I’m exhausted!



  1. Kell kinda reminds me of Peg. She had a hard time parting with all her “stuff” and would keep empty boxes, bottles etc.

  2. That sort of explains all those empty Old Milwaukee cans rolling around on the floor when we visited her place…

  3. Hey now! I have never been a pack-rat. I think you’re mistaking me with Mom. The empty boxes and botttles and such were for crafts. And Plankton, those beer cans used to be a work of art until some drunk person knocked down the pyramid…

  4. Okay, I have to admit I had a similar art collection at the great state university at Oshkosh, so I’ll have to let that slide. Ah, it was good to be a patron of the arts!

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