For the Birds

It’s that time of year again when the blue jays arrive in town.  Kelly & I spent the afternoon trying to photograph these pretty birds.  They are tough to get a shot of, because they are constantly moving and never seem to relax and enjoy their surroundings.  Must be nervous birds.  They love to eat our corn, but they’re such big birds, that they have a hard time finding a good position on the corn holder and are constantly flapping their wings in order to stay on.  We love being bird watchers.



  1. So just what the hell is that bird ‘pecking’ at? You have weird stuff hanging around your house.

  2. Bluejays just arriving? Must be passing through to someone with something better than corn. Actually, we have bluejays around our place all the time! Of course we have a sit-down birdfeeder..( No table-clothes, tho). Better get to your friendly better bird-seed store.

  3. okay, what is wrong with corn? You are spoiling those birds Newcomer. I guess we just serve “appetizers” here in Burnsville.

  4. The AZ bluejays love peanuts in the shell. I saw that when I visited my friends in Northern AZ a couple months back. Just a thought June. I have to agree with newcomer1 in that because they are bigger birds, they should have “sit-down” birdfeeders though. Hanging birdfeeders are better for smaller birds.

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