I haven’t seen Andy the squirrel out lately.  Maybe because it’s been a cold start to our week and he’s already under the ground eating his food that he stored in his cheeks!   Sunday we had blowing snow, Monday the high was only 40 degrees with a windchill, making it seem about 10 degrees.   Today we started the “warm-up” with 50 degrees.  But I was out at recess and it sure didn’t feel like 50 degrees to me.  The sun was shining (that was nice) but again…the wind was a bitter cold wind that went right down the jacket.  Tomorrow they’re saying 60 degrees.  Hmmm…we’ll just have to see.



  1. Andy is just hiding out in his hidey-hole in a tree somewhere because winter cannot be here just yet. I won’t have it! Not before Halloween! Too bad you have to go outside at school- don’t you wish you could hang out in the warm kitchen like me? I’ll lend you a hairnet!

  2. Send some of the cooler air down here! We’re having above average temps by almost 10 degrees. We’re still in the low-mid 90’s for Pete’s sake! It worked in my favor last weekend since I was at a Halloween party that was outside (9 p.m. to 2 a.m.! Who starts their parties so darn late?!) but I want to be able to open my windows for more than 2 hours on the weekends. 😦

  3. The good news is that I don’t have to go outside until 2:30 each day, so by then it has warmed up a little. Last year I had to go out at 10:00 for gym class. That was not fun. I do enjoy getting some fresh air and I don’t smell like a hot dog or chicken nugget. No offense purple girl. I’ll wear ear muffs rather than a hairnet. And we’ll have our doors open for about three hours on Friday night…so there Sister!

  4. What’ wrong with smelling like chicken nuggets or hot dogs? Men find it very attractive I’ll have you know…just an idea Cobber. Oh well, to each her own.

  5. Actually, Purplegirl, it’s the cashews that drive us wild. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial so you know what I mean. It’s one of my favorites, especially with her bushy, thick unibrow.

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