Carving Pumpkins

Tonight we carved our pumpkins for Halloween.  I’m just amazed each year at how much I like our pumpkins.  I always end up saying, “these are our best pumpkins ever.”  And then the next year, I say it again.    This year Megan did most of her own pumpkin with just a little help from Dad of cutting off the top, the rest she did herself.  She scraped, scooped, designed, carved and cut all on her own.  Kelly also designed her own pumpkin but needed some help scooping and scraping.  It was a fun night and now everyone is all geared up for tomorrow nights festivities.



  1. They’re awesome! I always love the odd-man-out (white pumpkin). This picture is much easier to see than the one you sent us via e-mail. I think you should’ve sent us both. But good job everyone!

  2. Hey, sister2u, you’ll enjoy the photo of odd-man-out spewing pumpkin guts when it gets published. Kelly isn’t sure she likes it, but everyone else seems to think it works…

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