The Color Purple

Well, the Vikings pulled out an ugly win against the Packers today.  I didn’t see the whole thing, but I was “in the room” and saw most of the replays and some of the original plays.  I just can’t sit for three hours and twenty minutes anymore without getting squirrelly vikingand needing to move around.  Nate says I have no attention span.  Hmmm…that’s not true.  I could sit and watch Brothers & Sisters or Food Network all day!  So for my blog today, I send out this picture to my Father & Mother-in law in poor old Wisconsin!  Sorry…



  1. OOOO..I’ll bet some father-in-law is waiting for his DIL to come into his area! Then again, Christmas is right around the corner…And as for GIFTS!!! What a day! GB spots you TWO SAFETIES (2) and lets all the Vikings play in the Packer backfield all day long while being so polite to the Viking QB ( Whoever that is) that the guy’s jersey doesn’t get dirty and make his mom mad… and still win by one (1) point….No wonder that Viking carving looks sheepish!! One more win like that and l think his horns drop off!!
    But then again, We are getting tired of using a 1 page play book Page ONE: of “Run left, run right, go out 5 yards and catch a pass, then hitchhike for the rest to get a first down”.. But, how come your mom allows you guys to play in the living room? Over here, mom asks ” Why don’t you boys take your ball and play outside?!” Next time…..Tell Peterson to stay home! He doesn’t play well with others..

  2. I’m not sure GB “spotted” us two safeties, we kind of earned those four points. As for the rest of our points….well….we won anyway.

  3. ” You jus’ wait, ‘enry ‘iggens, you jus’ wait..” ( Name that tune).. i admit we did ” do-little” in that game, but jus’ you wait”..

  4. Ah, that would be, My Fair Lady.” The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plaine. Or in this case, The rain in Spain fell mainly on Green Bay.

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