Solberg Holiday Spirit

Today I went out Christmas shopping and to my surprise, I finished all the shopping for the girls, including Megan’s birthday.  I consider this a success!  I got such good deals and being done early, just makes me feel that much better.  I still have more to get, but I’m off to a great start.

As I drove up the driveway when I got home, I saw that my husband was also into the holiday spirit.  There were Christmas lights all lit up, laying all over the garage floor.  I told him that the garage looks very festive!  He then told me that he was just testing the lights before getting up on the roof.  Good plan.  By dinner time, the Solberg house was decorated for Christmas ( the outside anyway).  With blue & white lights on the house and reindeer & trees in the yard.  Beautiful. 

As the song goes….”It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…”


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