“Expand” your smile

kellyAfter school today, I took Kelly over to Kemnitz Orthodontics to have her “smile” checked.  As expected, we were told that she will need an expander, just as her sister did.  One difference…she will need one on the top and bottom teeth.  The good news is that if the expanders work, she probably won’t need braces.  Whew!  I’m thinking positively!  Meanwhile, we still have Megan to get through (and pay for).



  1. Wow! I hope that isn’t a big box of candy, Kelly! You’ll need a cement-mixer to fill in all those cavities for your NEXT birthday! What a nice pretty smile!

  2. Hmm, I’m beginning to think Kemnitz Orthodontics has a scam going where they get special commissions for pushing the expander hardware… Lucky for Kelly she’s so darned cute that HAVE to get that smile taken care of.

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