Baby it’s cold outside

Okay, today it really felt like winter.  It was that “bone-chilling” wind that cut right through you.  I had to stand outside for recess for 30 minutes and I didn’t like it.  I’ve decided that after Christmas, I will be going out and looking for a coat with a hood on it.    Something “Eskimo-ish”.  I’ve gotten to the point where I ask myself, “Who cares what I look like, it’s better to be warm!”  Brrrr…



  1. “Who cares…It’s better to be warm”?? Everyday, we learn something in school. Right? After 2-3 snowfalls already this December, we’ve learned not to go outside for awhile. I’m thinking around March!

  2. I’m thinking that if you have more snow than we do and it’s this cold, why travel to Wisconsin? I’m going to need a good incentive.

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