Pizza Party

Kelly had a fun day at school today.  She and three of her girlfriends got to have a pizza party in the lunchroom.  Her friend Lauren, won this party at the Hidden Valley Silent Auction last month.  It was a package that the PTO put together.  They had a table set up with a beautiful holiday tablecloth and a pretty centerpiece with candles in the middle.  Very fancy.  They ate pizza, cinnamon pizzapartybread sticks and had a can of pop to go with it.  Kelly said that all of the other kids were so jealous and kept saying, “Why do they get to have pizza?”  I think that made the girls enjoy it even more.  Kelly told me that she wishes she could eat school lunch like that every day!  Who wouldn’t?!

One comment

  1. FUN!FUN!FUN! I am so glad Kell got to partake of something that makes the other kids jealous! Ha!HA! She was so excited when she told me about it over the phone- what a blast!

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