Christmas Cookies

We had a house full of girls, the snow was coming down outside as if we were in a snow globe that had just been shaken up.   Could there be a better situation for making Christmas cookies?  I think not.  So this is how we spent our afternoon.  Megan had her friends Andra and Laura over while Kelly & I got started a little earlier on making the dough.  We had a lot fun and it’s neat to see the girls do most of the work themselves.  They’re growing up so fast but it’s still so much fun to watch them have such a great time together making cookies.  The tradition continues…xmas-cookies



  1. I remember making cookies with Grandma every year. SO much fun! Did the girls all have stomach aches by the end of the day from eating too many cookies? That’s the only way to know it was a successful baking day. 😉

  2. You’ve totally inspired me! I pulled out some cookie recipes today and added them to my grocery list… the boys and I are baking on Tuesday! (It’s great that they still want to do this when they’re teenagers!

  3. The boys and I did great with the pre-cut cookies. They are at Cub in the freezer section on an end. They were shapes of snowmen, stars and trees. I bought 2 cans of cream cheese frosting and sprinkles. I tinted the frosting and let the boys go- they were super creative and had fun! They tasted great too! On Tuesday, we are going to do the reindeer poop, except we are using Rolo’s in the middle instead of Hershey Hugs. Super easy baking this year.

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