Finally Friday

Well it sure was “one of those weeks.”  I’m breathing easier now that it’s Friday.   I knew today would be a great day because it started out on a good note.  Kelly has a sleepover/birthday party tonight and then this morning Megan’s friend called and asked  if she could sleep over tonight.  Of course, I said yes to that.  So tonight Nate & I are going to enjoy some peace & quiet.  We’re making a nice dinner and watching the movie, Wild Hogs.  We heard it was funny.  I need a good laugh.



  1. Fun movie, great dinner! Now we only have to wait ANOTHER 11 years and we’ll probably have the house to ourselves for another night. That’ll be something to look forward to!

  2. You will be so SAD once you have an empty nest, so who do you think you are fooling Plankton?! But, I’m glad you got to enjoy a quiet evening for 2 at home. Those are definitely nice times.

    And Wild Hogs gets 2 thumbs up from me. Love the bird hitting John Travolta in the face scene!

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