Negative Numbers

Well, we managed to get through a -24 degree day.  This was the coldest day in five years.  When you walked outside, it took your breath away.    It’s amazing how nothing changes even when the weather is so cold.  We truly are hearty people in the Midwest.  School started just like normal, errands were run as usual, and Megan even went on a field trip after school with her “environmental club.”  They were suppose to go snow-shoeing today, but were only allowed to see the facility and check the place out for future field trips.   On a positive note, the forecast for Sunday is 30 degrees (above zero!)  How great is that going to feel!



  1. I still can’t believe you had school! Crazy district you live in! We had both Thursday and Friday off. Monday off too now- yay us! I’m off to Grand Slam with 6 boys now- wish me luck!

  2. Well that makes me feel crappy. I guess my girls will end up two days smarter than the boys because of this.

  3. By the way…..I don’t own a bikini Dawn. I’ll put that on my “to buy” list for summer right next to the “exercise” list.

  4. How great is that going to feel!

    I am not really sure if I should take that sentence as it is. We do not like temperature (30 degrees above zero) that high here in my country. But we have it from around February until around December. The thawing ice in the arctic (global warming?) is dropping our temp from 30 to around 19. People are getting flu, otherwise we prefer it for the air-condition-like environment, which most of us experience only in malls and offices.

    Am sure you will not mind I link your blog with mine, will you?

  5. Hi JP, I think you’re thinking of temperatures measured in Centigrade, while we’re measuring in degrees Fahrenheit. By my calculations, 30 degrees F works out to about -1 C. That’s our predicted high temp for the weekend, and it’s actually an improvement over where we’ve been.

  6. My daughters want to know what it’s like in the Philippines. They are 11 and 9 years old and it’s interesting for them to learn about another country. And yes, you can link your blog with mine. My 11 year old wants to know what kind of sports are popular in your country?

  7. Hi, kids!

    At present, boxing is the most popular sports in the Philippines because of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Last month, he knocked out Oscar dela Hoya in the 9th round, in a fight scheduled for 12 rounds. Before the fight, people thought it was a mismatch because Dela Hoya was bigger and taller.

    When Pacquiao fights, you can seldom see cars on the streets. And the policemen and the military have nothing to do because everyone including the criminals watch him fight. No person has ever done this before. Only Manny Pacquiao. That is why he is considered a national treasure. And by the way, Manny Pacquiao has not gone to college when he became famous. Manny taught me a very important lesson: that even people who have not gone to college have talent, so I must respect them.

    Billiards also used to be popular because of Efren Bata “The Magician” Reyes. He is called the magician because he is able to shoot the ball into the hole when people think it is impossible. Basketball is popular too. But billiards and basketball are not as popular as boxing.

    What it is like in the Philippines? Hot, although at present, cold wind from the Arctic is passing by us. The cold wind drops our temperature to around 18 or 19, and does not reach 30 degrees Celsius, our usual temperature. People are so happy with this temperature because we do not need to go to malls to experience the cold temperature the air-conditioning unit brings.

    Foreigners love our country because of its people. We are a smiling and happy people. And intelligent too! We take pride that it was a Filipino who invented the moon rover used by the first men on the moon. At a glance, the moon rover may seem a simple invention because vehicles better-looking than the rover were a familiar site. But if you consider that, in the moon, things do not stick on the ground, you will be amazed how the Filipino inventor was able to do it.

    We are hospitable too. If you come to our house for the night, we may sleep on the floor so that you may have a comfortable sleep on our bed. We take care of our old people until they die. We do not bring them to home for the aged. We can take care of the our old because life here is not as fast as in countries like yours.

    Look around you. You may see or meet a Filipino working either as a nurse or a teacher. They work as a nurse because, as I said, we Filipinos are experts when it comes to taking care of people: and they work as teachers because, as I have said…what did I say?

    The introduction to my blog (hhtp:// the life of a town, a fourth class municipality where I come from. However, there are portions there that may not be appropriate for children so you may need your mom’s guidance.

    If you have more questions, kids, keep them coming. But I hope, next time you write, you also tell me about your place, ok?

    Be good and always obey your parents.

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