Blah Day

Today was such a “blah” day.  The kids at school were fine and the day went well, it just seemed “uneventful.”   I seemed to drift off about once an hour and dream of being at home, curled up with my book on the couch.  Of course, that never happened and instead, I came home from work, made the girls dinner and headed off to the grocery store while Nate made us a wonderful gourmet pizza that he’s so fabulous at making.   As I was driving home,  I was thinking to myself, “when did Friday nights go from party night to hanging out at a grocery store?”  Hmmm, am I missing something?



  1. By my calculations, it happened somewhere around 11 years ago. Sometime in mid-December. About 2:30 in the afternoon. It was somewhere, right about there.

  2. Hey, Dawn: If you want to talk to WildM about pizza, better do it early. Sounds like he’s usually busy after 2:30.

  3. It’s fabulous. Has asparagus, cheese & proscuitto on it with olive oil and salt all over the crust. I’m drooling just thinking about it. One of my favorites.

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