Haircuts & Hi-lights

What better way to spend Martin Luther King Day, than to get your haircut & hi-lighted.  That’s what the girls & I did this morning.  It feels good to get rid of that “winter hair.”  That’s what we call our hair when it’s too long and mine gets too dark.  Need to lighten it up a bit and feel a little more “springy.”

After that, we cleaned the house and treated ourselves to a Sonic hamburger, slushies and strawberry limeades.  It was our first meal at the new “drive-in” Sonic.  We all three gave it a thumbs up.  Poor Nate, he didn’t get the day off but I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to get his hair hi-lighted anyway.  Tomorrow it’s back to school and work.  Looks like we’ll even be able to get out for recess…something we haven’t done in over two weeks.



  1. No, it’s still winter and we live so close that it was easier to head home and eat in the comforts of our home. But we did say that we’d do this again in the summer and enjoy a slushie in the car when the windows can be rolled down.

  2. C’mon- that wasn’t a very springy thing to do. You are a hearty Minnesotan. Next time I want to hear that you are teaching your girls to be tough by eating outside in winter.

  3. You miss interpreted my response. The “springy” part was our hair. We were just were too tired to make lunch after cleaning.

  4. I can’t believe that after being pampered that you came home and made everyone clean the house! That’s just not right.

  5. well, it wasn’t a whole lot of cleaning. Mainly picking up clothes in their bedrooms and putting things away in the playroom. Pretty easy stuff.

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