Math & Science

Tonight at our school, it was Math & Science Night.  This is becoming one of our favorite school events.   Students in grades 3-6th could submit their experiments and show them off.  These experiments ranged from very simple, to extremely detailed and in-depth research.  There were about 50 tables set up down the main hallway of the school this year!  Megan did an experiment with her friend, Noelle.  They did theirs on different types of food fed to two hamsters.  Their objective was to see which food was the favorite.  Most students included pictures, samples, a write up of the experiment and some students even brought lap-tops with graphics and slide shows!  Now that was impressive.  

In another room, their were some professionals set up as well.  We had Underwater Adventures from the Mall of America.  They brought real sharks and stingrays that you could touch.  The Minnesota Valley Electric Company was there doing an electricity experiment and the U. of  M. had a gigantic, 7  foot Operation Board (remember that game?) that you could try.  “Take out the wrenched ankle for $100”.   They even had the nose light up and that darn scary buzz if you touched the side.   It was cool!science



  1. That’s due to stinky hamster pee. Been there and done that with two of them. A smart part on the school.

  2. That does sound like fun. Did you touch the sharks and stingrays? Were there prizes handed out for the best experiment(s)?

  3. The girls both touched the sharks & stingrays, while I took pictures. And yes, the top 23 experiments get to go compete at the Regionals in Makato. Megan & her partner got selected, so we’ll be heading that direction in May. I’m not sure which they are more excited about….the fact that they made it to the regionals or that we are getting hotel rooms for the night!

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