Today I went to the Minnesota History Center with the fourth graders.  I was a little nervous that they wouldn’ t be all that interested in history, but most of them did quite well and said that they enjoyed the trip.  We learned about Harriet Bishop, who was the first teacher to come to Minnesota and teach the Dakota Indians, before Minnesota was a state.  It took her four weeks to get here from Albany, New York and she used many means of transportation to get here, back in 1851.  We also saw a butter sculpture of the 50th Princess Kay of the Milky Way, Prince’s famous purple outfit that he wore in the movie, Purple Rain and even some pictures of Jesse Ventura when he was our Governor.  Now that’s one part of Minnesota History I try to forget.   Overall, it was a very fun field-trip and I’d like to go back again, when I’m not with a bus load of kids and on a time schedule.


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  1. I said the same thing when I got done with the feild trip, I would like to go on my own time when I can actually look instead of looking for children.

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