Spring weather

jazzToday I had my first sign of spring.  I let Jazz outside to do her business, and later found her laying in the sun on the deck!   It made me smile and want to open my doors to let the fresh air in.  Our backyard looks like a pond down by the fence.  Everything is melting so quickly. 

Another sign of spring today, was organizing Kelly’s birthday party.  We ordered the cake, the balloon bouquet, and bought the paper supplies.  Kelly is working on the gift bags as I write this.  She loves this season, since her birthday falls on the first day of spring.  Our little spring chicken!

I know that the forecast for tomorrow is for snow/rain mix and for next Tuesday as well.  But for now, I’m going to enjoy today and all this warm sunshine!



  1. Cute new spring look to the blog!!! Just in time for the snow on Sunday- yuck!!! I like the colors- good job!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I was tired of seeing snow and needed some spring color. I even put up my pretty, pink spring wreath on my front door. It was time.

  3. That’s Plankton’s job and no, there still up. We have winter outside and spring inside!

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