A day to relax

We had such a nice, relaxing day today.  Kelly had the urge to paint with her dad today.  So they set up shop on the island and water colored for hours.  I asked Kelly to brighten up our hallway with something “springy.”  She painted a basket of easter eggs with beautiful pastel colors.  Nate finished up a painting that he had started of purple flowers surrounded by greenery.  Both paintings turned out really pretty and now I can replace our wintery pictures that are in the frames. 

While they were busy painting, I took over the table with my scrapbooking supplies once again today.  I focused today on my journaling.  I spent about two and half hours writing in my latest album.  That only got me through about 1/3 of the book.  My family was making suggestions to me, that I start writing right after putting in the photos.  Hmmm….not a bad idea, I’ll think about it.



  1. I didn’t write on the pages that I did on Saturday, but there weren’t that many. Then on Sunday & Monday, I’ve only been journaling. I’m nearly done with the entire album. Probably need one more night of writing. Whew!! Then it’ll be time to start the new one.

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