It’s Friday the 13th.  Did anything bad happen to you today?  Where I work, it can be Friday the 13th any day, but today seemed to go well.  Tonight, Kelly and I are preparing for her birthday party, which is tomorrow.  She is really in charge of most of the details this year, which is kind of nice.  We’re doing a Kung Fu Panda themed party.  So most of the games, activities, and food is related to either a Panda or Kung Fu.  Kelly also helped me get dinner ready for tomorrow night, which is going to be a rustic stew.  It has nothing to do with the party, I just know that I won’t feel like cooking after having 8 girls screaming for two hours at a party, so a crock pot stew is just the thing.  It’ll be a wonderful, relaxing meal all set to go.  I’ll write again tomorrow and let you know how it went…and of course, I’ll have pictures to go along with it!



  1. Have a FUN day June and Kell! Kell will have to look for something to show up next Thursday for the birthday girl! Are you taking her out on Friday for her b-day?

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