Peter Pan Syndrome

Every year, about a day or two before her birthday, Kelly gets a little sad about turning another year older.  She’s been so excited about her birthday this year, that I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen again this year.  Then last night at bedtime…the tears came down.  I was saying good night to her and she realized that she only had one day left of being  8 years old.  She’s forever telling me that she doesn’t want to grow up and she wants time to stand still.  I call this the Peter Pan Syndrome.  Tonight she asked me if I cried when she was born.  I told her that I didn’t cry because I was so happy to finally meet her and see her.    I guess it’s something we all think about…growing old, but kids are so good at saying what’s on their mind and I guess we adults just keep it to ourselves.  One thing I do tell Kelly every year, is that it doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s how you feel inside.  So I think we should all feel like kids and we can stay young forever!    ~Peter


One comment

  1. That made me so sad! How old did you say she was, she cannot be 8 going on 9 with her mature attitude, she amazes me every time I talk to her!!! You tell her I think she is amazing and wonderful! I like your attitude, I want to stay young inside forever!
    I think I will be 25 years old, that was my favorite age!

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