Sailer Greenhouses


Today the girls went to work on their last day of spring break.  I took them out to Sailer Greenhouses where their Uncle Mark, Aunt Peggy and cousin Nikki, put them to work.  This has become a tradition for them during spring break.  They love to spend the day in the warm, tropical greenhouses helping plant flowers and getting their hands dirty (and their clothes).  This time, the girls got to hang out with Nikki’s other set of cousins, Blake & Molly.  They are Peggy’s sister’s kids and happen to be twins, the same age as Megan.  They all got along great and Mark told me that they took a long lunch break, which included a game of hide and seek!  Can you imagine hiding out in five different greenhouses?  That’s like “super hide n’ seek”!

I spent a couple of hours enjoying the peace and quiet of my home.  I got some reading done, had a little lunch, and even did some wine shopping.  My little slice of spring break.


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