Tonight after dinner, the four of us went outside and played a game of HORSE out on our new basketball court.  Well, that’s what we call it.  It’s actually our driveway, but it works.  I’m really glad that we bought this basketball hoop.  It’s a great activity that we can all do together and we have a lot of fun.  We’re going to be the annoying neighbors who make so much noise and stay out late keeping our neighbors awake because we have to finish the tournament that we started two hours before!  Each time someone misses a shot, we all scream or say, “NO!!”  It’s pretty funny.  After our game of horse, it was getting chilly but the girls wanted to go one more time.  So we played PUG, not PIG.  Megan’s favorite dog is the Pug, so she named that game.  Anyway, our new backboard & hoop has proved already, that we have made a good investment.  And by the way….I won at Horse!


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