Lounge Lizard

If there was a day to lounge on your couch all day…today was definitely it!  I would say that I was the queen lounge lizard of our house.  The rain kept coming down in perfect increments just to allow me to never make it the grocery store.  Just when I thought it was letting up, I’d start to attempt my trip to the store and then I’d notice the dark clouds moving back in.  Well, back to the couch for more reading.  There was just no motivation happening for me today and it felt kind of nice and I didn’t feel the guilt that I usually do when I do nothing.  Ha!!   I was very happy to have finished up my book.  I love getting to the endings, because I notice that I speed up my reading.   I get so engrossed in the book and excited to know that soon I will be done.    And as always, I can’t wait to get a look at my next book.  That will have to wait until Tuesday…I’m going to read “The Shack.”



  1. I cleaned all day and layed out a new scrapbook page, hoping I can work on it a little each day when I go by it.

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