Fun Day!

I had such a fun day today.  I started out by scrapbooking at my friend Dawn’s house.  I got over there around 9:45 and stayed until 2:30.   She had a yummy lunch of croissant sandwiches and deli meat.  Sort of a fancy sub sandwich.  We tried a new Dorito called, sweet & spicy chili and oooh are they good!!  For dessert, she had our favorite butterscotch scones.  These are becoming a scrapbooking tradition for us.  We love them!

After scrapbooking, I took Megan over to her friend Laura’s house.  She was meeting a few girlfriends there and then they were heading out to the Mall of America for an evening of fun and doing all the rides at Nickelodeon Universe.  Laura’s mom was having a garage sale, so I shopped around a little while I was there.  I ended spending $48 and getting Kelly tons of designer clothes, a pair of shoes and even a new winter coat with snow-pants to match!   I love scoring on those deals.

When I got home, I treated myself to a glass of Blue Moon beer and made Chicken Kiev for dinner.  Tonight we’re going to watch Get Smart and then I’ll call it a night.    Aaah, I so enjoy weekends!



  1. Butterscotch scones? What DON’T you make? I want the recipe for that one too! I LOVE scones!

  2. I can’t take credit for these. Dawn bought them at Target. They are the Archer Farms brand located by the bakery stuff. Try them out sometime. Delicious!

  3. I am not a great cook like Cathy so I need to rely on Target and other stores for great food!
    I had a great time on Saturday, it was fun talking and scrappin, we need to do that again, but who knows when that will happen again after the terrible weather.
    I did get 22 pages done and 4 movies watched. It was very nice!

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