Rocket Power!


Today at school was a big day for the 5th graders.  They got to launch their rockets that they built.  At the beginning of May, they started a unit on “how to build a rocket.”   Each student must pass two tests in order to be a part of the launch day….quite an incentive to study!   Megan designed her rocket by first, spray painting it black.  She then added a yellow shooting star and a few brightly colored rainbow stripes.  When it was time to launch her rocket, I ran over with my camera with every intention of getting a good shot.  So I’m aiming my camera up in the air in front of us, when her rocket took off up in the air and shot backwards.  I never had a chance.  As we followed her rocket high into the sky, it started to come down and the parachute came out (just like it’s suppose to) but then landed in a tree.   It’s so far up in the tree that we weren’t able to retrieve it.  Out of the entire 5th grade class, Megan was the only one not to get her rocket back.  I feel so bad for her.  No souvenir!   The tree is just a couple of houses away from us, so we’re hoping that a good wind or rain storm will cut it loose and we’ll get it back at some point.    I did however, get a picture of the rocket hanging in the tree!  It makes for a good scrapbook page.  🙂


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