This afternoon, we went over to my niece’s graduation party.  The temperature was not “party-type” weather.  We stood outside and froze our butts off in 53 degree weather.  It felt like a cold, fall day.   We managed to eat some food, and laugh about how cold we were.  After two hours of cold, we headed home and Nate got a fire started.  We hung out downstairs, watched tv and felt the warmth of the fire.  It felt wonderful.

Yesterday  I posted a picture of Kelly & Nate painting.  I did take a picture of Kelly’s final picture but Nate wouldn’t let me take his picture.    Kelly painted our cookie jar and did a great job using perspective drawing (I think that’s what they call it.)  See what you think.

kelly's art



  1. I hung out at Becky’s until 6:30. Daniel and Evan had fun playing with the other boys there and I dried dishes while the other Aunt Kathy washed them. My reward- Joann’s potato salad! It was fun to see the Solbergs there!!!

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