Cleaning Lady

Got my iPod out, selected Mama Mia, and turned up the volume!  If that doesn’t get you in the mood for cleaning, I don’t know what will.   Today was my day for cleaning out my closets, getting rid of my junk, rearranging my kitchen a bit and finding I now have room to add more junk.  These were on my “summer-to-do” list, and I really didn’t think I’d get to them until August or so.  But I’m so glad that I made myself do it and now it’s done.  I still have a few other closets to get to, but why do it all in one day.  Okay, I think I’ve earned time for a book.



  1. I also need to do that job, but I don’t want too!!!
    I am going to have a garage sale, so if you found
    anything that is garage saleish, you are welcome
    to put it in.

  2. I didn’t wear the apron but I do have pretty yellow gloves. I need to find where to buy those cool green ones!

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