Como Zoo

Today, the girls & I went out to Como Zoo for a relaxing day amongst the animals.  I think everyone in the surrounding area had the same idea.  It was very crowded out there but the weather was so perfect for being outdoors.  The big feature out there this summer is the newest baby giraffe.  He/she stood about 4 feet tall and had the biggest black eyes with super long lashes.  Very pretty animals and they happen to be my favorite.  We also got to see a baby orangutan.  He was very playful but not quite as good as his parents at climbing the ropes.  He’d swing a little and then slip.  His mother kept very close tabs on him and would pull him down if he got too high.  We were laughing at her because she’d grab his leg and pull him down.  They certainly are like humans.  If she could talk, she would have been screaming at him to get down! 

After the animals, we took a walk through the conservatory.  They had a new outdoor Japanese garden that was neat to walk through.  We had to cross three or four stone bridges over the streams.  The girls loved that part.  To end our trip, we had a nice picnic out on the lawn with a view of the Conservatory.  Picture perfect day!


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