I spent today cleaning my house and doing laundry.  Not much fun but necessary before going on vacation.  I would hate to come home to a dirty house.  I know I’m going to be looking forward to our home and my bed after spending so many nights in hotels.   So it’ll be a welcome sight.  Both of the girls were gone most of today with their friends.  I can always get so much more done when home alone.  Tomorrow we pack and do all those “last minute” errands before getting a good night sleep.  Let’s see….camera- yep, laptop-yep, clean underwear-yep…okay, it looks like I’m set to travel!



  1. What no picture??? No suitcase??

    I also enjoy the days when I have the house to myself!
    I can’t wait to see those awesome vacation pictures!!!

  2. Yes, preparing yourself and organizing everything before going on a vacation is always the way to go. Never come back from a trip to have to clean your house instead of getting some rest.

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